Week of 4/26 Music Session

So waking up on a monday morning is always a drag.. BUT! waking up is always that much better when you have music to rouse you out of that warm comfy bed, slowly but surely, making you hop in a dance towards that bathroom to start that morning routine.

Over the weekend, I went through a music hunt and found some new beats to get me through this week. I thought I would share it with my unbeknown readers (if you are out there) just in case you felt the need for some musical candy..

I love my iphone. I downloaded a great app that works as my alarm clock and I can manually select a set of songs, a playlist, just one song as my alarm. Last night I set my alarm and added all the songs that i felt would get me all hyper that early in the morning.

On with the playlist! (forgive my random banter)

Collie buddz – Come down (Its that dang voice man! It’s like what is he saying? Oh nevermind I dont care!!!! )

Gyptian f. Nicki Minaj – Hold Yuh (remix) (She is Trini? wow!! Nice colab!)

K’naan f. Will.I.Am & David Guetta – Wavin’ Flag (Now all i need is a dang flag to wave.. where is that beautiful Pinas flag?)

The Belle Stars – Iko Iko (okay come on?!? who wouldnt love this in the morning?)

Cypress Hill, Pitbull and Marc Antony – Armada Latina (who knew? These three together?)

Rhianna f. Rick Ross (or Sean Kingston f. Detail) – Rude Boy/Rude Girl (two different mixes.. Both NAS.)

B.O.B f. Bruno Mars – Nothing on you (aww.. You KNOW you can sing this at the top of your lungs.. Ladies?)

Justin Beiber f. Ludacris – Baby (remix) (Yeah yeah.. so what its Beiber.. he can sing.. what can i say?)

The Dream f. Jeezy – Love King (remix) (L to the O, V to the E, K to the I, N to the G..)

Jason Derulo – Kinda Girl (Oh what? ^_^*)

Mikey Avalon f. Dirt Nasty – What do you say? (Now this is a GREAT one when you boss is blah-blah-blahing in your ear)

Demarco f. Casely – Show it (remix) (If you’re sexy and you know it…)

Bone-thugs-n-Harmony – I’m gone (Its BTNH. That is all)

Owl city – Fireflies (CUTE!)

Now… Go and listen to those songs and see if they don’t make you want to nod your head in time with the beat. Getting up will be that much easier, wiping the sleep from your eyes will be that much cleaner and pretty soon, you’ll be in your car, blasting these songs and be ready to take on that horrendous traffic, annoying Monday emails and incessant phone calls to go above and beyond the call of duty at work! (Whew. That was a mouthful) Okay, Okay.. maybe not above and beyond, BUT at least you will be able to tolerate this Monday.. Enjoy!

P.S. congrats to K’naan for his song becoming the Official World Cup Theme Song! I caught the vid on youtube and my hair stood up because it was such a feel-good, empowering song. Big Ups!


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