Amante’s Pizza – Northgate. Meh.








Random night.. Boo and I are too tired to cook.. We figure.. eh.. we already tried the Indian joint right here next to his appt.. let’s try the pizza.. I call up and order the pizza with the most meat (go figure right? guys.. sheesh) and a cesar salad (YUM!).. 20 minutes and we should be on the verge of a food coma..

We walk down and low and behold… we are the only ones there. Place is a ghost town.. I tend to wary of places that are not frequented.. makes me wonder what the ingredient turnover is like.. Anyway, I digress.. Onto the details.

1. Ambiance: Can’t say much to this.. but from what I saw.. Pretty open.. large space. Slightly dark on the lighting but maybe its different during the day? Decorations were that of an old italian joint.. not too flashy but certainly tasteful. Clean and organized.. πŸ™‚ 3/5

2. Service: Quick. Maybe because there weren’t any patrons in the restaurant.. but we called in the order and sure enough 15 minutes later it was ready to go. Love that! 5/5

3. Food: For the pizza that we ordered, it was pretty tasty.. The cesar salad.. ordinary. They weren’t shy with the toppings which is a plus as most places would go with one layer and call it good. Crust was great.. not too soggy and just the right amount of crunch. 4/5

4. Price: We ordered a med (so we could bring some to work the next day) and I have to admit.. it was pretty small. I would have to say it was expensive without the gratification of being worth it. Even the cesar salad was a tad on the smaller side. Not enough dressing and it didn’t taste “fresh”. Total, close to $35 was spent for this pizza and side salad. 3/5

As a whole the place is worth another shot. Maybe another time I will drag the boo to have dinner in the restaurant itself. I want to give this place a healthy 4/5 but right now its only feeling like a 3/5 which is still pretty good.


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