Lydia – Straps and Comfort, oh my :)

Yes, she is a lot higher than she looks. Even with the height and point of the heel, she is indeed a beautiful shoe. Another to add to the collection! πŸ™‚

Just like Giovanna, she is true to size. The straps on the front are not too tight and they aren’t slipping around anywhere. My only complain is that the straps on the bottom part of the counter were a little loose, so rather than hugging your heel, they slightly stick out. There isn’t any way to tighten it, so unless you want to take the entire shoe apart, you are stuck with it.

They do take some getting used to, as the front of the shoe does not sit flush against the ground. You tend to rock back and forth if you stand still but in time you get used to it.

I tend to go for round toeboxes but this shoe has a squared shape. Its still nice and its something different.

Make sure you got a pedicure if you wear this shoe! Nothing worse than a beautiful paid of heels and some blazay toes!


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