Fox Sports Grill – So… Bout that sandwich..

Yep, its another bar/grill whatever.. Can’t seem to stay away from these.. IN the event that I come across a place that has great eats for cheap, I might as well share it with the world right? lol! anyway..

1. Ambiance: Can’t go wrong, its FOX sports after all. So lots of space, lots of sport deco, TV’s everywhere and plenty to keep the eyes busy. 5/5

2. Service: Quick. We were seated quickly and the first round of beers made it to the table before the guys went into a frenzy. 5/5

3. Food: I got the French Dip.. (one of my favs) with the shoestring fries (potatoes are the best starch ever!). The size of my meal was awesome.. Just the right amount. Enough for me to take some home. The guys on the other hand, had weird half sandwiches, that begged me to ask if someone in the kitchen had bitten a couple bites off.. They looked smaller than a normal “half”. Meh. See the picture above for what I mean. 3/5

4. Price: Its a little higher up than most places, but considering the name on the place, i shouldnt have been surprised. The beers were a tad on the pricey side, and the food was so so as well. 3/5

Overall Feeling: I would come back here. But only if I really needed to get to a place to watch a game. Its not up there in my top places to go. But. Its still certainly nice. 3/5


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