Five Guys Burger – Attack of the Killer Burjers!!!

Who runs a 5k and then stops in at the nearest Five Guys Burger? WE DO! Yep.. the Annual Seahawks Run was on April 10th this year and as is the standard, the fam bam and I did our 5k run and waltzed (more like hobbled) on over to the Five Guys Burgers as soon it was open.. Yes that’s right.. 11am, and we were already standing by the cash wrap, waiting to place our orders. Who says you can’t do some honest running and then gorge yourself on a burger.. you earned it!I’m guessing that others got the same idea, because it got busier and busier as the minutes passed. By 1130 the place was packed, and our tables were getting the dirty eye, because people were coveting our seats.. LOL!

Ambiance: Simple, Easy, Clean. Free Peanuts for the win!5/5

Service: Fast. Placed our orders, got seated (there was about 10 of us there). And our orders were ready. 5/5

Food: Look at that damn picture. Evidence that I had a heavy contender to deal with. I could barely bite that thing. I eventually conquered (in the beginning), but then lost. ugh. BIG Burger. 5/5

Price: Worth it. All burgers are NOT created equal. You get your bang for your buck here. 5/5

Overall Feeling: Satisfied. You have to be ready to eat here.. lol.


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