To feather or not to feather. Lash Blast is my name.

So I have had this constant dilemma with mascaras.. I’ve tried a whole bunch over the course of my lifetime.. and so far, I have come back to the same one. Covergirl Lash Blast Volume.

This chubby little mascara tube has done wonders with my lashes (and those of others) without it feathering, caking or doing damage to my lashes. Not to mention, its uber easy to find in your purse. It’s true when they say, stick to what you know. I’m scared to try another mascara as some have made my lashes “fall out” or “break”.

My observations:
– Lashes are nice and plump as promised
– Feathering is minimal and it takes longer for it to actually start feathering
– Lashes also increase in length (even tho it was not advertised to do so)
– Lashes do not fall out

I had used this mascara for years, but when Maybelline started airing their ads for their “LashStilletto” mascara product, I was instantly drawn in by the lure of long dreamy lashes.

My observations:

– Lashes are indeed long when used
– Pleasant smell to mascara
– Lash brush tends to be a little clumpy
– Lashes take a little bit longer to dry
– Feathering happens fairly quickly and mascara doesn’t last too long
– Lashes fell out after prolonged usage

Maybelline’s LashStiletto did its job as advertised, but the prolonged usage of it has left me with a so-so feeling about it. They certainly lengthened my lashes.. but what really peeved me was the fact that my eyelashes came out shorter! After I took my makeup off and cleaned my face, I noticed that my eyelashes were short and stumpy.. not the long delicate ones that I had before I started using LashStiletto. They were also easier to pull out. I could sit there and just barely tug on my eyelashes and they would come out. I remember being out with friends and going to the bathroom to find little black specs on my cheek because the mascara had started to feather.. ugh..I really had high hopes for it, but if its going to make my eyelashes fall out, I will gladly pass.. I worked hard to get them naturally long… and to have all that effort go down the drain.. No bueno..

Anyway.. It could be a one in a million case that I experienced what I did. But regardless.. I am sticking with what I know. Covergirl LashBlast is my friend.Ā  If there are any other suggestions, feel free to let me know. šŸ™‚


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