Let the countdown begin!!! Rock N Roll Marathon 6/23/2012

Am I nuts??? Yeah I probably am.. But let the record state that I am only HALF crazy, as I will only be doing the half marathon.. Yes.. Thats right.. Running until my limbs are jello for 13.1 GLORIOUS miles. May I also state, that I don’t care about my time. All that matters to me, is that I finish. I’m not really a runner.. hell, I hate running, but to accomplish something such as this.. to see others that have accomplished such a feat.. well its all… just… motivating.. and self gratifying.. I can cross something like this off my bucket list.. I can train, and diet, and work and work and work and at the end.. Get me some BLING and say.. Boom Shaka Laka! I just finished a half marathon!!!

I have a year to train.. well really training will start next year, 4 months before the marathon… but I might as well keep up with the pace that i am at now. M-W-F training runs.. etc etc etc.. Seward park and I will be friends indefinitely. lol! I got me some running shoes to train in, but I will for sure have to get fitted sometime next year.. Looking forward to it with fear and anticipation.. This ride is gonna be fun!



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