Oh Edna.. Why?!??!!?

Random.. For the life of me I can’t figure out how to make that “feature image” of the shoe look less re-re’d out. Ugh. Anyway..

I love her. Edna is fancy, spicy and “pin-up” all in one shoe. Dress it down with some dark capris and a cute top.. or dress it up with a black and white ensemble. Its a statement shoe.. a statement that says, I’m professional when I need to be, but I can certainly let my hair down.. Usually I am not into patent leathers.. as that used to be my choice of shoe back in the day, but this one appealed to me.. and I am glad that I got her. Thanks JustFab for that credit!

I haven’t worn her out yet, so I cannot speak on the comfort level when worn for a good solid set of hours.. So I will update this post when that happens..

But for now, I will say that I was uber excited to wear them out yesterday.. had a whole outfit picked out, but alas.. She had some issues.. so I had to box her.. As you can see in the pics I added, the left shoe had come undone (or unglued) on the instep. No Bueno. I was thinking.. “eh.. i can fix that no problem..” But I figured, if its a shoe it has to be done right.. Using superglue isn’t gonna make it 100% right (least not in my mind)… So I hop on JustFab this morning and after a short chat with DeAnna, I have a new pair making its way to my house and all I have to do is ship the other pair back (for free of course!)

I’m anticipating her arrival and will get on that review after I have had ample time to wear her out.. 😀

Until then.. Man.. i should really get on the rest of my drafts!


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