Setsuna Sushi.. Never judge a book by its cover.

Another hankering for sushi.. too lazy to drive very far. Why not go to the sushi joint that is right down the street?

Looking at Setsuna, you would never think much of it. Your typical hole in the wall, sketchy, odd times, so-so reviews.. but what have you got to lose? Might as well see it for yourself right? So we did.

Stopped in and found our way in the door. Small setting, cozy and the tables were pretty much taken up. We were seated and we took a gander at the menu. Not a huge selection of sushi, but certainly there were interestingly tasty morsels we wanted to try. What did we end up getting?

Bacon wrapped salmon, Agedashi Tofu, Tempura plate and Spicy Creamy Scallop.

Ambiance: the place was quaint and cozy. Nothing too over the top. Clean and spacious 5/5

Service:Β  Slow. I will say that the girl serving us was taking forever and time was a ticking.. 2/5

Food:Β  Delish! They didnt skimp when they made their dishes and they were uber tasty! interesting items on the menu and i found this tempura fried leaf in my tempura plate.. really cool! 4/5

Price: Fair. For what we got, it was certainly a fair price and we got a good amount of it.Β  Let’s say I wasnt surprised by the price since sushi can get pricey. 4/5

Overall: Gonna have to check this place out again. Totally looking forward to it!


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