Good Night Jan 3rd!


Random Fatty. We just got back from a walk around the neighborhood so he was goofing off while he was trying to dry off.. Playing with his toys.. lol.. silly.


When he finally settled down, I was able to take a look at his coat and it looks so good! His flaking is down to a minimum and the red spots are tame. I’m so glad that he is getting healthier! Still working on getting the portion size down but for the most part, he is looking good.. I have to make a couple more batches of cookies – i ran out.. lol!! Tomorrow for sure.. hopefully we aren’t out all day for Gary’s shindig…


Random hair styling day! I saw this on youtube somewhere, and I was able to actually do it this morning.. it actually stayed too so that was good to get my hair out of my face. I need to get me some bigger bobby pins.. maybe some cute hair accessories would be nice.. anyway.. its nice to try new things.. Look good feel good right?


I stopped by the Jolei Cafe and brooder had made some cookies.. dammit! SO GOOD! NOM NOM NOM!! Gooey Goodness 🙂

20120103-224105.jpg  And of course.. its sleepy time.. I’m sipping on my cup of jasmine tea.. YAY! I found one btw… so that is awesome. Though I still want to get some loose leaf, so I can make a pot of it like in the chinese stores. The tea bags have a light flavor but the restaurant pots are stronger and thats what I kinda want.. I should probably ask them what they use..

K, its bedtime! shoots already midnight! need to be on time tomorrow 🙂 Night wordpress!


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