Blue Scholars – Lettuce Wraps – Miguel

MMM.. Tasty.. I didn’t eat all of it.. maybe like 3-4 leaves.. I can save the rest for dinner ๐Ÿ™‚ Pretty mild day so far.. Website creation.. analysis of routes.. setting up meetings with field staff.. same ol’ same ol’ I spose’ ๐Ÿ™‚ Lol – also on a sidenote, I love not playing the parking game! cheers to “carpool” passes!

I was in a meeting this morning and I happened to come across a meeting room with the name of some favs of mine – BLUE SCHOLARS! awesome! They got a place here at the Seattle Times! There were other rooms too but this one is the best.. Big Ups to the Blue Scholars!

Aaaaaaand for your musical enjoyment – here is an eargasm for you. The opening beats itself will pull you in.. Kudos to EEEEEEYAAAAN for sending me my “on-repeat-for-the-umpteenth-time” song of the day!

โ™ชโ™ซโ™ชโ™ซ “These lips… can’t wait to taste your skin..” โ™ชโ™ซโ™ชโ™ซ


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