Smoking Monkey’s make pizza? In fact.. they do.


I’m usually not a big fan of pizza.. unless there is some big craving for it. But when there is good pizza, I’ll always go for it. I found my place for deep dish Chicago style pizza, and now I have found my go to spot for thin crust awesome-y goodness.

Smoking Monkey Pizza.

A friend of ours had gone here before and suggested it to us to try (Thanks Hunter!). We stopped on in and found the place with a few patrons enjoying their dinner.. Took a seat and was greeted by who we thought was the owner. He welcomed us warmly and mentioned a few specials. We opted for some crispy cauliflower and two Dunkels for our starters. Yes. Dunkels. (You should try it if you like beer :] ). We perused the menu for a bit and asked the owner what seemed to be the most popular. He suggested the “Beverly” as it was “unique” for a pizza with a fresh cracked egg over the top. We were intrigued, so we ordered that along with their “RCC” pizza.

Let the review begin!

Ambiance: Clean. Plenty seats, but not a lot of tables for bigger groups. If you have a big group, might want to call ahead and see if they can set something up for you. Its pub style so most of the tables are higher. Saw about 2 tables that were normal height. Establishment is clean and isnt too busy/noisy.

Staff: Attentive, gives plenty of suggestions, can be slow at times refilling drinks and such but still pretty good.

Selection: Their menu is always changing and ingredients on their pizza change with the season. They have plenty to try, so be sure to check different pizza’s variations out when you stop in. So far i have had the Beverly, RCC, Quack attack, Crispy cauliflower and Arancini. Ready and willing to try a few more!

Price: Fair. Its not domino’s or pizza hut. so don’t expect to pay that price. For what they offer, their pizza is well worth it. Pizza and beer.. come onnnn.. You pay for what you get and what you get here is great!

Overall: I’m definitely coming back! So far my family and I have been here twice and I still have to bring my co workers here (for my bday) and the rest of the friends. This place looks to be promising and I am excited to see what other pizza’s they come up with 🙂 5/5
If they still have the Dunkel – be sure to try it AND the crispy cauliflower!


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