Seattle Sounders FC!!! Yeah we in the club house! :)


If there is any possible way you can get seats in a club house at Century Link field, I suggest you take them!

My parents were super awesome and got the fam club house tickets to the last Sounders game of the season (which was 10/25/12). Needless to say, we were super excited to go! Decked out in all the green and blue glory that we could muster, we trekked on over to the Clink and made out way to the club house.. Course we stopped by the triangle pub before we went to the game, but thats another entry.. Anyway.. the club house. The Clink.

We arrive to the room and we are greeted by the mouth-watering aroma of hotdogs, hot wings, popcorn, and other delectable delights lined up oh so nicely on the counter. The room is warm.. The seats are high and comfy and the view.. oh my the view.. If you can see the panoramic shot that I posted, you can see practically everything.. The entire field is vieable without the obstructing heads of fellow sports fanatics..

Okay… I’m rambling.. onto the review..

Ambiance: 5/5. Very warm and inviting. Club house was clean and tidy, smelled of awesome food and was set up very nicely. The chairs were like those in theaters; high backed, cushy, spacious. The view – awesome. You are flanked on both sides by other club houses, but the good thing is, all the walls are glass. You can opt to have the glass doors closed for your room or you can have them folded and put away so you can breathe in the fresh air. Either way, the temp in the room is controlled and very comfortable.

Staff: 5/5. When you arrive the room is completely stocked. I guess there is a menu that food/drinks are selected from and the room is set up ready to go for its guests. If you have any questions or further needs, there is a staff person ready to help at the call of a button. Super nice, friendly, quick and attentive.

Selection: Aside from the food that is there, there is a small book that I am sure you can order more from. If there is anything else you crave, there is always the other concession stands outside.. Also, soda, water, tea are offered. No alcoholic drinks..

Price: I can’t offer a grade on this as these tickets were given as a gift. But I do urge people interested in getting a club house, to gather the friends interested and seriously do it. Or if you know someone selling tickets for “club seating” to buy them up quick! I sold a pair to one of my friends for a seahawks game and he loved it!

Overall:  I’d totally come back. Not even second guessing it.

I love sports!!!


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