Where the wild things are…..


How cute is that? Google honors the “Where the wild things are” author by creating a doodle that plays on the google homepage. πŸ™‚ Happy 85th Birthday Maurice Sendak! That was an awesome book when I was a kid.. wish more books were written like yours πŸ™‚ I hope some of you guys saw it.. was a super cute animation that went from the beginning of the book to the end with a little birthday cake for Mr. Sendak. πŸ™‚

On another note.. Another Monday. Bleh.. Another Run. T-minus 12 days and counting before the half.. Why do I always sign up for self torture. GEEZ.

Finished Run Intervals: Jun 10, 2013, 8:10:25 PM
Route: H.A. To Bridge And Back
Run Link: http://walkmeter.com/80e98c5c4c126ebb/Run-20130610-1926?r=e
Import Link: http://share.abvio.com/80e98c5c4c126ebb/Walkmeter-Run-20130610-1926.kml
Run Time: 38:20
Stopped Time: 5:58
Distance: 3.23 miles
Average: 11:52 /mile
Fastest Pace: 7:27 /mile
Ahead of Best Run: 4:43
Ascent: 102 feet
Calories: 305


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