Another year another 13.1..


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After all the training runs, stretching, pain, cramps, fun runs, gear and miles, another Rock N Roll Half marathon has been completed!

This was probably the best weather I have seen for the half and I am glad to have completed it and look forward to how well I can do next year. It was awesome to see so many people come out for this race and the masses of supporters.

Thanks to Bro for being the driver and comedic relief for the day.. Also thanks for pushing my leg to its limit and making me cry.. I know I needed to do it otherwise I could have made it worse, so thank you for not giving into my tears and just stretching the ish out of that muscle.

Thanks to Seestar for being the driving force in these marathon shenanigans.. You’re impressive collection of medals, your knowledge of tips and tricks and your sheer determination to keep going always reminds me that “The miracle isn’t that you finished. The miracle is that you had the courage to start…”

Thanks to my bebe for sticking with me through the entire course. You could have gone on ahead, but you chose not to. Even with no training you did it and we experienced it together. I wouldn’t have it any other way and I thank you and love you for all your work.

I saw what my potential was for this half and I look forward to those of next year… For all those people that run – Keep it going! For all those afraid to try… Its not as intimidating as you think! Always try!


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