Cookies and purses!


Some of my favorite things!

A dear friend organized a Cookie Swap party yesterday and used the event to showcase some of the purses from her online store. Lots of cookies to choose from, all oh-so-tasty! What was my contribution? Russian Tea Cakes! Quite a few different names for this cookie, as they are also known as Mexican Wedding Cakes, “Kipferln”, “Sandy” or “Snowballs”.. They tend to be my favorite around the holidays because they melt in your mouth and give you that little taste of sweet to break away from all the savory meats and gravies of the season.. Yum!

If you would like to try making these cookies, use this recipe!
Williams-Sonoma Russian Tea Cakes

While seester and I played photog for the cookies, the ladies patiently waited for their turn to taste cookies and vote for the best one. Of course the winner was the Ginger Cookies, which was a surprise to me since ginger in anything other than soup can be weird. They were amazing, soft and full of flavor! Thankfully the baker was kind enough to leave the recipe with the girls, so we can try our hand at making a batch.


One true vice I have.. Purses.. No they don’t have to be brand name (I am no brand whore), and really it breaks down to how well a woman carries her accessories, its utility and its styling. I am always drawn to classic colors and styles, and I spotted this purse on the table and immediately thought it was pretty, the right size and unique. I had to have it! If you ladies would like to peruse the purses on this wonderful site, please do!!
Or you can check out their Facebook page for any deals or specials! ->

Shipping is free so shop away!

Thank you Peggy for the wonderful event!


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