Hot Cakes.. MmMmm.. Hot. Cakes.

I have a love-hate relationship with sweets.. There are times I crave it.. other times the sugar rush is overwhelming and I stay away. I had heard about this place through Colossus and he suggested we try this place out since it was so popular..

Naturally I was more than happy to oblige.. My 4 month preggo belly was craving something sweet and since the fam and I would be in the area to help fundraise for a friend at a nearby bar, we decided to stop in.

Let the sugary review begin!

Ambiance: Quaint and cute. Bench style seating on the larger tables, with bar seating against the wall and some smaller 2-seater tables. Lots of merch to be found and the smell inside is intoxicating! Lots of the young prof/hipster crowd so the volume of the place was slightly on the louder side.

Staff: Quick and attentive. You order when you walk in so you have to figure out what you are getting before you seat yourself. They can get pretty busy so the servers seem slightly rushed, but still VERY helpful with their customers.

Selection: I’ve never seen chocolate/vanilla, desserts, coffee, liquers and sweet treats done in so many different ways before. They took the grilled cheese and turned it into grill chocolate sammie. YUM! Not to mention the sauce that accompanied the sammie was like liquid gold. A grilled chocolate sammie, a nutella hot cake, lemon tart and a double chocolate shake were all on my order (I swear I was sharing!) and all of it was fantastic! The ice cream that came with the hot cake – Delish!

Price: a little on the pricy side for being mostly desserts, but definitely nice as a treat every now and then πŸ™‚ Would definitely suggest trying a hot cake and then coming back to try other concoctions that they have on their specials board.

Overall: I would come back. Fun place to go on a date or good place to visit with a bunch of friends during the summer. Be prepared to stand in line on peak hours.. Do take a hot cake home if you don’t feel like eating it there.

Get Your Hot Cakes!


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