It’s About me.

Good Memories. Good Times. Good people.

Thats what I like to surround myself with. I seek a lot of things in life, but of utmost importance is happiness. I’m a quiet person, but don’t let that facade fool you.. =) If you know me well enough, you know that I will aways seek to better myself and those around me. Family is very near and dear to my heart and if you are a part of that, then I am blessed to have you there.

I love those that make me laugh, cheer me up, and make me feel safe.

I dislike injustice, animal cruelty, and egotistical, selfish, sexist, ignorant drones.

I am attracted to the off kilter, different and eccentrically daring designs of life.

I enjoy experimenting with clothing, makeup and food.

I adore shoes, jeans, purses and trinkets.

I “sigh” at the thought of true, honest, “I-can’t-live-without-you” love.

I believe that all relationships should come naturally and never be forced.

I know that disappointment is the worst feeling in the world.