Hot Cakes.. MmMmm.. Hot. Cakes.

I have a love-hate relationship with sweets.. There are times I crave it.. other times the sugar rush is overwhelming and I stay away. I had heard about this place through Colossus and he suggested we try this place out since it was so popular..

Naturally I was more than happy to oblige.. My 4 month preggo belly was craving something sweet and since the fam and I would be in the area to help fundraise for a friend at a nearby bar, we decided to stop in.

Let the sugary review begin!

Ambiance: Quaint and cute. Bench style seating on the larger tables, with bar seating against the wall and some smaller 2-seater tables. Lots of merch to be found and the smell inside is intoxicating! Lots of the young prof/hipster crowd so the volume of the place was slightly on the louder side.

Staff: Quick and attentive. You order when you walk in so you have to figure out what you are getting before you seat yourself. They can get pretty busy so the servers seem slightly rushed, but still VERY helpful with their customers.

Selection: I’ve never seen chocolate/vanilla, desserts, coffee, liquers and sweet treats done in so many different ways before. They took the grilled cheese and turned it into grill chocolate sammie. YUM! Not to mention the sauce that accompanied the sammie was like liquid gold. A grilled chocolate sammie, a nutella hot cake, lemon tart and a double chocolate shake were all on my order (I swear I was sharing!) and all of it was fantastic! The ice cream that came with the hot cake – Delish!

Price: a little on the pricy side for being mostly desserts, but definitely nice as a treat every now and then 🙂 Would definitely suggest trying a hot cake and then coming back to try other concoctions that they have on their specials board.

Overall: I would come back. Fun place to go on a date or good place to visit with a bunch of friends during the summer. Be prepared to stand in line on peak hours.. Do take a hot cake home if you don’t feel like eating it there.

Get Your Hot Cakes!

*Emerald City Comicon 2014*

Oh the things you find and see at ECCC. Nerds.. Geeks.. Gamers.. Larpers… Cosplayers….Merchants, Super Stars.. so many things to see and do and not enough time.

This year we only opted for a one day pass to check out what was going on at this years ECCC. It seems to be getting bigger and bigger every year so its exciting to see all the people that come out to participate. Lots of people really do go all out and its inspiring to see their work and dedication.. I wish I could have rocked my Soraka Cosplay.. but I figured wearing that at Sakuracon or Pax Prime would be more appropriate..

We were at ECCC for a total of about 4 hours.. Our main goal was to #1 – Meet Yaya Han so she could sign the art work she was commissioned to model for and #2 look for any new cool artwork to add to the fold. After those two things, we were free to roam and look at all the cool gadgets, gizmos and people.

We scored meeting Yaya Han (bf has the pic of that) and having her sign the artwork that Echo Chernik had done of her in steampunk. When the bf had bought it, he had asked Echo to add some detailing to the frame that the art was set in.. she took her time and drew in the owl with beautiful detail in gold marker, making an awesome contrast against the black frame.. Once I have it mounted on the wall, I will take a pic of it and replace the picture below.


“Steampunk” featuring Yaya Han in her “Steampunk Madame” costume

Now that we had goal #1 completed, we went back to Echo’s table to see what new work she had.. she has many many MANY beautiful pieces mind you and it’s so hard to find something that you don’t like.. We saw two that really stood out so we put them aside and took a walk to see what else was out there.. There were so many things to look out! But ultimately we decided on Svetlana. She reminded us both of the League of Legends character Jinx.. Just a more rough bass-ass version of her. =) All in all it was a fun trip to ECCC.. Hopefully next year we can attend again!





Ole! Fiesta 5k!

Finished Run For Distance: May 4, 2013, 10:24:29 AM
Route: Fiesta 5k
Run Link:
Import Link:
Run Time: 48:01
Stopped Time: 0:34
Distance: 3.10 miles
Average: 15:29 /mile
Fastest Pace: 5:05 /mile
Ascent: 291 feet
Calories: 532

Another fun run that Tania put together.. Was a rather hilly course and a little later in the morning so that was something to get used to. There were a ton of different costumes that people were wearing so that made for some awesome people watching.. I especially liked the Juan Carlo guy running around with his gold daisy dukes and mini sombrero.. lol! Tacos at the end and refreshingly ice cold coke from a bottle.. yum! Thanks for putting this together Tania!

Yelp Elite Event – Nautical By Nature!

Hello Elite. Hello Yelp. Oh yes.

I was lucky enough to score an invitation to attend another Yelp Elite Event organized by the lovely Katy H. and hosted by Salty’s on Redondo Beach. Let me tell you, this was definitely a memorable event and such a load of fun! I tried to take as many pictures as I could and capture all the yummy goodness, smooth libations and cooky shenanigans of the event. I definitely think our Seattle organizer Katy H. deserves a loud round of applause and cheers for putting this together and always giving the elites of the sound a helluva time 🙂 Where do I even start?

1. Nametags. So cute! Little wooden cutouts of dolphins, crabs, boats, etc with our names on it!
2. The passport – what a way to make things interesting! Our passports served as our guide to trying all the food, stop for all the beer/alcohol and checking out the sites and sounds of the venue.
3. The FOOD. Have you seen the pictures yet? If only you could taste food through pictures, or smell aromas through video you would get what I am talking about… but since that isn’t happening yet, these pictures and my descriptions will have to suffice.
-First table was gazpacho and seafood salads served in martini glasses.  Next to these was drunken cherries and coke. Plenty other tidbits of goodness that I couldn’t wait to get my hands on. We were free to mess around with the cherries, make our own little drinks and pick at the veggie sticks covering the table top.
-Second table yielded nomtastic oyster shooters, shrimps in lime halves and crab claws in lemon halves. All were tasty and the over abundance of citrus made it into a tower of ceviche yummyness.
-Third table had heated chaffing dishes chocked full of white cheddar crab Mac N Cheese, Chicken Satay skewers and roast beef sliders. Yes. Sliders. and were they good – you bet your behind! Aus Jus, horseradish sauce and all the trimmings. So much food!
4. Alcohol Galore!  Beer on tap. Fresh made vodka drinks, and wine on tap and straight from a military Ammo Box!!! (Mighty impressive I might add!)
5. The mood: Good call on the steel drum player! He was great and such an awesome addition!
6. The extras: Photobooth, Dinner drawings were all great touches that made this event that much more special.
7. The Venue. Not only was watching the sunset on Salty’s outside deck awesome, it was viewing the exhibit next door and going through the touch tanks of sealife that was the icing on the cake.

Again, Kudos to Katy H. and the team at Salty’s for all that they have done! I am sure I, and the rest of the EE crown, am uber thankful for the good times and great memories!

What snow?

First accident of the season!

First snow fall of the year and people are already getting into ish! Looks like this car went straight into a pole at an intersection. And in the 76 gas station that I was coming from, a tricked out beamer was sitting in the lot because he didnt know how to get out.. Yes.. you little spiffy cars.. be careful! And you big trucks — be just as careful! Just cuz you got wheels the size of a tractor doesnt mean you can drive any better than others.. Don’t be a douche!

Scenic Route!My street

Its not brain surgery people! And all this surprise about “oh its snowing!” “Oh my god!!” lol chill out.. It was coming.. they warned us.. it was bound to happen.. soooooo get out and enjoy it! If you have the day off tomorrow, cool beans.. if you don’t — hey maybe you can work from home 🙂 At any rate.. its not anything to get all freaked out about.. Take a deep breath.. go slow and drop to a lower gear. Remember to turn INTO the drift and to pulse on the break… Cheers everyone!

I’m going to have one fun adventure going to SC later.. making it up that hill is going to be a trip! 😛