Cookies and purses!


Some of my favorite things!

A dear friend organized a Cookie Swap party yesterday and used the event to showcase some of the purses from her online store. Lots of cookies to choose from, all oh-so-tasty! What was my contribution? Russian Tea Cakes! Quite a few different names for this cookie, as they are also known as Mexican Wedding Cakes, “Kipferln”, “Sandy” or “Snowballs”.. They tend to be my favorite around the holidays because they melt in your mouth and give you that little taste of sweet to break away from all the savory meats and gravies of the season.. Yum!

If you would like to try making these cookies, use this recipe!
Williams-Sonoma Russian Tea Cakes

While seester and I played photog for the cookies, the ladies patiently waited for their turn to taste cookies and vote for the best one. Of course the winner was the Ginger Cookies, which was a surprise to me since ginger in anything other than soup can be weird. They were amazing, soft and full of flavor! Thankfully the baker was kind enough to leave the recipe with the girls, so we can try our hand at making a batch.


One true vice I have.. Purses.. No they don’t have to be brand name (I am no brand whore), and really it breaks down to how well a woman carries her accessories, its utility and its styling. I am always drawn to classic colors and styles, and I spotted this purse on the table and immediately thought it was pretty, the right size and unique. I had to have it! If you ladies would like to peruse the purses on this wonderful site, please do!!
Or you can check out their Facebook page for any deals or specials! ->

Shipping is free so shop away!

Thank you Peggy for the wonderful event!


Whew Sunday!

What a day what a day!

Finally finding a moment to unwind and get to some zzzz’s..

Morning wake ups made way for afternoon mani/pedis, then some tasty BBQ lunch. We trekked to the epicenter of Sunday hustle and bustle and scored some new threads for bookins.. Then got dapper at men’s warehouse (thanks Paul!!) I always thought women had it harder than men when it came to clothes shopping.. But after today that view might be changed. Gone done with all that craziness and made our way back home… Make a stop for some quick smoothies at Kim van deli (lol they remember us!)..

We crashed when we got home.. Napped so long we almost missed dinner 😦 sorry guys..

Tasty spaghetts and I’m back at home chillin with fats while bookins had to do some work..

It’s a little weird being down here.. But so far it’s pretty cool.. It’s like my own little studio.. I think I can bump music down here without bothering anyone.. Haha I spend the remainder of the evening catching up on my music.. Need some new beats 🙂




Because the shoe game is tight.


Oh I love shoes.. let me count the ways SHOES.. Look at that beautiful heel height, the wonderfully adorned bow, and the sleek gray tone. Ah yes.. Nothing finishes an outfit more than a wonderful pair of shoes. I’m telling you ladies.. if you have a shoe fetish (like I do!) then hit me up and i will tell you where to go.. I am sure you can figure it out yourselves (as the brand name is on the shoe) but if not, holler. You won’t be disappointed. Seester and I have the same pair, but she has them in black as well. Even if we did wear them at the same time (twin tolo! – Kidding!), it would still make an awesome look.. Besides, wearing the same thing means we share the same fashion taste.. duh!

Right out the box these shoes fit perfect.. and they aren’t uncomfortable so that is good. True to size, with little give, I think whoever gets these shoes would be pleasantly surprised. “Kyriel” is her name.. giving a statement is her game. 🙂

(Disclaimer: yes. Skinny Jeans. Yes. The shoes are brand new. No, Not dirty at all. Yes, thats my desk.)

Harajuku.. Barbie?

I’ve always found this culture interesting.. The different types, the different looks, the lifestyle.. The way the people around it just go with it like there was nothing out of the ordinary.. I always thought that Japan was very stringent with their social behaviors and outwardly appearance, but seeing this and reading up on how some styles came to be, completely changed my way of thinking.

Who wouldnt love to be in a place where different looks are welcome? Appreciated? Anime characters, daringly bold colors and trinkets? I must say, I admire them and in some ways are jealous of them. I know they look somewhat strange, especially of the Ganguru style, but hey there is something alluring about it right? I’ve thought about doing this for a while now, letting loose and just trying something outlandish with my oodles of makeup and colors at home. I’ve seen youtube vids galore on people who have done harajuku stylings and have grown really fond of them. I want to try it.. for kicks, for testing my abilities, for seeing this art in its true form and creating my own.

Some of my favorite vids are from Dope2111 and Huabvag1rocks..
Another chick to look out for is Rose Shock, this girl has some serious talent and she is so young! I am amazed at the looks she has done and all the creativity oozing out of it. One of my favorite looks from her is this. You have to admit – its friggin AWESOME! not to mention HOT. I became a fan of the Sugarpill line, and I happened to come across a post that they had done about Rose Shock and her use of Sugarpill products and boy oh boy, I was just awestruck.. So Nice.. So Perfect.. So Flawless.. So Daring. I heart this!

Rose Shock

These ladies certainly given me some inspiration enough to want to do something like this for halloween.. But what party do I wear it to.. hmmm.. 🙂 Anyway, Enjoy!

I wish I was around to have seen the birth of this fashion back in 1964 but I am still content knowing that its still around. Yay to experimenting!

Harajuka according to the Wikipedia

Oh Edna.. Why?!??!!?

Random.. For the life of me I can’t figure out how to make that “feature image” of the shoe look less re-re’d out. Ugh. Anyway..

I love her. Edna is fancy, spicy and “pin-up” all in one shoe. Dress it down with some dark capris and a cute top.. or dress it up with a black and white ensemble. Its a statement shoe.. a statement that says, I’m professional when I need to be, but I can certainly let my hair down.. Usually I am not into patent leathers.. as that used to be my choice of shoe back in the day, but this one appealed to me.. and I am glad that I got her. Thanks JustFab for that credit!

I haven’t worn her out yet, so I cannot speak on the comfort level when worn for a good solid set of hours.. So I will update this post when that happens..

But for now, I will say that I was uber excited to wear them out yesterday.. had a whole outfit picked out, but alas.. She had some issues.. so I had to box her.. As you can see in the pics I added, the left shoe had come undone (or unglued) on the instep. No Bueno. I was thinking.. “eh.. i can fix that no problem..” But I figured, if its a shoe it has to be done right.. Using superglue isn’t gonna make it 100% right (least not in my mind)… So I hop on JustFab this morning and after a short chat with DeAnna, I have a new pair making its way to my house and all I have to do is ship the other pair back (for free of course!)

I’m anticipating her arrival and will get on that review after I have had ample time to wear her out.. 😀

Until then.. Man.. i should really get on the rest of my drafts!

Trouble… well then…

So.. This came in the mail.. and while I was uber excited to rip apart the box and try it on.. I had an inkling that this shoe might have a few setbacks.. Well.. that inner inkling was right… I opened it up.. all nicely packaged and set up.. and when I pulled the shoe out.. i was pleasantly surprised. I thought it was cute. But once I put it on.. meh, not so much. The idea and color scheme are super cool.. I was hoping that this would be a statement shoe to add to my collection.. but alas.. not happening..I like them.. but not for me.

SO! For anyone that is interested, hit me up.. I will sell them for what I paid for them, an even $39 bucks. Size 7.5. Holla!