It’s not about how much money you can save for them, or what material things you can provide, its about the lasting imprint you leave on them as they grow.

The late night feedings, the messy diapers, the snotty noses, the ouchies, the smiles, laughs and first steps.. money can’t buy these memories.

“One of the most difficult things for fathers to realize… is how irreplaceable they are.”

Interesting read!

With boo boo coming fairly soon, I was reading up on lots of different articles that talk about family relationships, balance, expectations and the sort..

Came across this jewel and thought to share since it was, what I thought, a good read and insightful for those new grandparents.

What some grandparents may think are innocent actions, can actually be intrusive and demeaning.ย  Be careful! What you once did will not always work now and in fact may alienate you (further) from your grandchildren! Don’t do it!

Random Vent Session.

There is such a thing as consideration.

Consideration to help someone out.
Consideration to house people in your home.
Consideration to make their accommodations and comfortable as possible.
Consideration to help them take the steps in their next chapter in life…

But sometimes its SO HARD to WANT to help people when they don’t share the same considerations as their hosts.

Consideration for their schedules and time.
Consideration for their hosts putting in the effort.
Consideration to tell their hosts if plans change or schedules need to be adjusted.

What is even more frustrating is that strangers have far more consideration than the family closest to you.

Here is where I go into a full on rant, sans sugar coating.

I can’t for the life of me understand why people (and when I say people, I mean my folks) choose the hard way to do things. I want to believe that they make the decisions they do because it HAS to be done that way.. but a large part of me doubts what they decide and how they decide because the options provided to them aren’t what they wanted in the first place.

Here is what I am pondering: Let me ask you interwebs.. If you were given the option to stay in a house with a bed, room, amenities and such. Would you rather stay in that house or sleep on the floor of an empty townhome?

Here’s the nuts and bolts: The parents are trying to clean out the townhouse for rental. After moving day they were offered a place to stay. A few days before moving day, they decided to stay at said townhome and sleep on the floor because they have to “clean and fix things.” One would think that would mean a couple days.. but they are talking about more than 7 days.

Whats driving me crazy: Why would you want to sleep on the floor when there is a perfectly good bed? I was told that they don’t want to make the trip between households but the distance between the homes is only a drive of 5-7 minutes! I could understand if it was one to two days.. but for over a week? Who wants to sleep on the floor for that long? Who does that? Maybe young’uns that can fall asleep in a heap on the floor from a drunken stupor.. but we are talking about 55+ year olds! All that stress and aching bones sleeping on the floor for the simple reason (excuse I say) that they don’t want to travel back and forth between house to clean and finish up the house.. I call BS. Not to mention that plans and things are being made without considering the other parties involved… How do you ask for help, set a schedule, then up and change those plans without letting anyone know? Who wouldn’t be irritated by that? Who wouldn’t resent helping someone if they were the last to know about changes?

What I believe is really going on: I think and have always thought that there is a sense of entitlement, pride and selfishness. The idea of being in control and feeling that they are entitled to that control because they are the parents.. Its frustrating.. It puts the kids in an awkward position and leaves all of us in a haze of resentment of sorts. Not of each other but of the decisions being made and the reasons (read: excuses) given for them. Sometimes I find myself frustrated thinking – If you didn’t want to stay there, then why didn’t you say so to begin with? Is it because you can’t control the house? Because you can’t manipulate the people in it? I hope that they don’t think they can control or manipulate my household because that is NOT how it works. A guest is a guest and they should act like guests.

Just had to get my frustrations out.. I am sure I am leaving a lot out, but trust me when I say, I usually don’t get frustrated over things.. but if I do, I’m not doing it lightly.



Christmas day food comas :)

After all that food and shenanigans, we finally headed to bed ๐Ÿ™‚

We woke up at almost noon and made our way back to Cafe Jolei to partake in the overabundance of sustenance.. Even the parentals made it over to eat too.. Ate food.. fought through a food coma and watched Hansel and Gretel. Oddly enough the movie was good for what it was.. I was expecting uber cheese, but it was good.. Good that I would get it on blu ray for the right price. ๐Ÿ™‚

Took some goofy shots of us and the kids.. Silly Liam and lumbering Spencer. Owen must be huddled in there somewhere too haha..

Ugggggh.. SO not wanting to go back to work yet. I should have taken an extended vacation. Bah!

PureClean Carpet services


Service review!

We were in definite need of a carpet clean and kept hearing the PureClean commercial over the radio… We have quite a few tough stains left from previous tenants as well as stains from untrained dogs, so we had a lot to try and clean out.. Lets not even talk about the smell. We were debating on trying to do it ourselves or hiring a company to take care of it.

Because of the pet stains we decided on trying these guys out since they promoted a “green service” and methods to sanitize the carpet and clear the stains leftย  by traffic and pets.

Staff: Very helpful. Email correspondence was quick and efficient. All questions were answered and we were scheduled promptly. When employee came to work on the carpets, he looked at everything that needed to be done and then walked me through all the steps. He offered a completed quote and asked what I would like to change. Very easy to work with and pleasant to have in our home.

Price: Fair. They were running a special on the radio, 3 rooms for $199 or something to that effect. There were plenty of offers afterwards for referrals and incentives for scheduling routine cleaning work. Quote was slightly higher than the ad, but that was because we added a few more other sanitation elements for the pet stains.

Work: After the pricing was agreed on, he went straight to work using his techniques to pull stains out of the carpet and work cleaners into the pads. While some of the pet stains didn’t come completely out (he warned me that they wouldn’t), they definitely did fade and he left the carpet sanitized. The room was now fresh smelling, soft under my feet and prettier than it had been since I had first seen it.

Overall: Very satisfied with their work! Would definitely recommend and hopefully we can use them again in the future!

It’s painting time!

Boredom can do quite a number on me sometimes.. I thought that House Anakit could use a face lift on parts of the house.. Namely the parts that were painted in this horrid pink color. Ugh. Just. Ew. I mean pink? Really? How did that even become a choice? Anyway, it had to go.

Clean taped and ready to go, I set out to do it.. and my does it look that much more mature and finished than the pink. Yuss. I love it when a plan comes together! haha!