A night in :)

Ah yes… Friday night in 🙂

Time to catch up on netflix, eat some home cooked foods and relax.. Maybe sleep in tomorrow..

Thought i would share my latest concoction. Random I know. Garlic rice with eggs, green beans and bacon.. Yessss bacon! And to wash it all down – raspberry wheat bear..




Downton Abbey – Well now..

At the behest of my manager, and his need for someone to talk to about the show, I’ve started to watch Downton Abbey. So far, I like it.. drama and intrigue with the schnazz of a British accent. I’m on the second episode right now but its starting to get good.. If you are bored and looking for a new TV series.. check it out on netflix or watch any of the following:

Gossip Girl
Pretty Little Liars
Lie to Me
Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares
Being Human

Cry me a river.. This song I swear…

And this damn movie! Third time watching V for Vendetta and it still doesn’t get old.

“For twenty years, all I saw was this day. Nothing else existed. Until I saw you. then everything changed. I fell in love with you, Evey, and to think I no longer believed I could.” ❤

I had to look up this song.. and i found it.. gladly.. beautiful.. Makes me cry… I read the comments in the video and one said

“Are there even men who are just a little bit like V out there in the World? Luv him!”

I agree.. where are the men out there like this?

oh and,

“I wish I could dance with V to this XD”

+1 to that.

Did i mention that i LOVE this movie?

Julie London – Cry me a river

Cat Power – I found a reason

You may call me V.


I absolutely LOVE this movie. I dont know what it is that draws me but dammit i could watch it over and over and over again. Maybe its the hope, the message, the belief that people can push for change.. the characters.. I LOVVEEEE V! The brain on that guy, jebus.. his conviction, his passion, his strength.. is gosh dammit sexy. Not to mention his diction.. totally awesome. He can run speeches all day and I wouldn’t mind.

K just wanted to share – i love this movie!!

The Good Wife – Archie Panjabi

I don’t know what it is about this show, but I am slowly getting addicted.. I’ve always liked Julianna Margulies so that made the show alluring.. Couple that with lawyer stories and drama.. and you have one good show.. Go figure that they have had a good run of seasons.. But there is another character that came out of the woodwork that gives the show some uber extra umphf.. Her name is Archie Panjabi. Go ahead and wikie her.. good stuff. Better yet.. watch in her in action. There is something about her that is just awesome. Alluring.. Mysterious.. independent.. tough.. smart.. all in one..

I’m sad that I had to cancel my netflix.. that only means that my discs for this show are going to stop coming.. I havent finished season one just yet.. looks like i’ll have to go back to looking for torrents and stuff.. I first saw this show while in the philippines.. My sister in law was watching it and I ended up staying up with her and going through a ton of episodes.. Now I’m just trying to fill in the blanks..

Okee!!! Time for another episode! 🙂