MPAD Day twelve: The Jam

127 plays.. This song is one of my favorites.. perfect for getting ready for work, for going out, for working out, to get hype.. etc.. Love it! So happy and summer-y.. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do 🙂

I wanna boom bang bang with your body-o
We’re gonna rough it up before we take it slow
Girl let me rock you rock you like a  rodeo
It’s gonna be a bumpy ride…..

MPAD Day eleven: My childhood celeb/crush

Who didn’t have a childhood crush? I guess mine was a toss up between Zack Morris, AC Slater and Edward Furlong… I guess it depended on how I felt at the moment.. Obviously.. Terminator 2 with Edward Furlong.. oh yeah.. Though I don’t know about him now.. He looks a little ragged.. Now AC Slater and Zach Morris on the other hand look the same as they did before, just older and seemingly more mature.. hahaah well.. anyway.. Those were my top choices in the time of adolescent puppy love.

MPAD Day ten: Penmanship? What is that?


Who writes now-a-days.. I think writing is a lost art.. I was looking around for my old notebooks from college.. Kinda sad that I can’t find them anywhere. I remember loaning some readers out to some underclassmen I knew.. and since then I haven’t seen them.. I’m hoping they are around.. maybe at mom’s house, tucked away in a box somewhere.. Anyway.. I miss taking notes. I miss class.

I’m eventually going to go back.. unless something else happens in life.. haha!

MPAD Day nine: My favorite sweets!


Who freaking doesn’t love cake?!??!? If you don’t, you’re insane (at least in my book)!

From the rich chocolate goodness to the white light and fluffy, I’ll eat them all!

I love to bake so that makes it that much harder to not bake a tasty cake..

Yum! Craving white wedding cake right now!

MPAD Day eight: My fridge.

20120314-220448.jpgNow there is no grand tour of my house.. or schnazzy garage lined with pimp ass cars… or lavish pools with scantily clad women surrounding it, but in keeping with “Cribs” notoriety, here is a snappy snap shot of my fridge.

Yes, that is a Sonic Blast. Yum!

Nothing too exciting.. Eggs, Cheese, Water.. There is a tub of orange chicken in there somewhere too.. Catch us on a good day – like when we are having a potluck and you will see tons of food 🙂

MPAD Day seven: Me.

In a nutshell. This is me.

She speaks a lot of truth about personal character, public scrutiny (haters I say) and life in general and it is all stuff that I can really relate to.

Keep it simple. Do the things that make YOU happy.. Don’t change for anyone else. Find someone to compliment YOUR life and someone who accepts you for who you are (flaws and all). Take life as a challenge. Surround yourself with strong people.

Live Happily. Laugh always. Love deeply.