Alaska. Fatty. Grease Monkeys

Parentals came home from Alaska today.. Due to the shenanigans the night before, I was slightly late waking up to pick them up.. further hindered by the damn construction on the freeways.. BLAH! I took Fats with me so he could get some fresh air and greet them at the dock. Gotta love that old guy 🙂 He was excited of course for the ride.. though I need to find a better way to strap him in. I hate that he slides around and I’m sure its not easy on his paws/legs, especially his hind legs. I am pretty certain that he has hip dysplasia. 😦 Makes me sad thinking about it. okay.. I should stop. Parents were safe when I got them.. stopped at the gas station on the way home to buy more mega millions lotto tickets.. since its at a crazy 600 million or some ish. OH IF ONLY I won.. that would be the ICING on the cake.. maybe someday. I got a lot of plans for that damn money.

After the chauffering, I got home to start work on Akasha and Lestat. TJ was working on his buick, while Kit was on his car.. so TJ brought Akasha over to start on her. I figured this would be the perfect opp to re-learn how to change the oil on my own bike.. so I just took TJ’s direction to complete the task. Though my dumb ass didnt realize that there was another plug to be released. oops. The job did get done.. a little longer than I had hoped, but still done. Then Brendon came over to work on his bike as well.. All in all, 5 cars and 2 bikes got work today. Achievement unlocked. bwahahaahh!! Our reward? Sinigang, Heaven sent Fried chicken and the company of some VERY awesome people.

Graci to TJ and Brother for the direction.
Cheers to Kit and Brendon for completing our tasks.
Nomtastic thanks to Babe and Jaason for the Heaven Sent Fried Chicken gloriousness.
For the soul-warming Sinigang and being the hostess with the most-est – Thank you Seester!
To The Olmstead fambam for stopping by and hanging with us – Xoxoxo!

Another eventful, awesome, memory weekend for the books!


Day two for the cool kids

Day two and its breakfast time 🙂 Quite an interesting array of topics today.. We’ll see how this goes.. One session on routing and some student presentations to check out…

Conferences are always fun to attend and they definitely give hope to those that are looking to improve their workflows, or score a good job.. Its a good way to reconnect with people that I have worked with in the past and its awesome to see where they end up and what they are currently doing.

Such a small world when it comes to GIS. I remember my first intern job and the people I connected with. Michael Berman, Tamara Davis and Tim.. All doing some pretty damn neat stuff now..

cheers to career paths and always improving ones self!


WAURISA – where the cool kids play..


Waurisa conference for the next two days and we need to make sure we are adequately caffeinated. Had to make a quick stop by the coffee joint to get the usuals. My oh my.. HAMMMM SAMMICH! okay. yeah. I inhaled the ham sammich so I didnt take a picture.. Anyway, cheers on this morning. Hope it clears up and becomes a sunny day!

PM: the fam and I decided to hit up the vendor social as well as the social at a brewery in the neighborhood.. It was good to talk with other in the industry and go through some activities they had planned for us.. Seester partakes in the shenanigans while brother and I trolled all the participants.. Good times indeed!




20111228-125035.jpg Round Table Gourmet Veggie and a cup of milk. Yes.. trying to watch what I am eating now.. Training is going to start soon. ARG!

But damn this pizza is tasty!

Moving fail..

We were supposed to move yesterday afternoon… But no. Fail.

I get a call yesterday that IT brought all our things down (computer wise) but they were not able to set up because the guys did not get our cubicles completed. So back up to the 8th floor they went and my computer and things are still here..

I was told that we might be moving as early as 11AM.. wish I knew this before leaving the house. Save me some gas and driving.. Anyway.. Breakfast.

Coffee and Danish Krinkle. YUM!