Interesting read!

With boo boo coming fairly soon, I was reading up on lots of different articles that talk about family relationships, balance, expectations and the sort..

Came across this jewel and thought to share since it was, what I thought, a good read and insightful for those new grandparents.

What some grandparents may think are innocent actions, can actually be intrusive and demeaning.  Be careful! What you once did will not always work now and in fact may alienate you (further) from your grandchildren! Don’t do it!

Christmas day food comas :)

After all that food and shenanigans, we finally headed to bed 🙂

We woke up at almost noon and made our way back to Cafe Jolei to partake in the overabundance of sustenance.. Even the parentals made it over to eat too.. Ate food.. fought through a food coma and watched Hansel and Gretel. Oddly enough the movie was good for what it was.. I was expecting uber cheese, but it was good.. Good that I would get it on blu ray for the right price. 🙂

Took some goofy shots of us and the kids.. Silly Liam and lumbering Spencer. Owen must be huddled in there somewhere too haha..

Ugggggh.. SO not wanting to go back to work yet. I should have taken an extended vacation. Bah!

Happy thanks(taking)!

Time for FAT STATUS!

Happy Thanksgiving(taking) WordPress Fam! Hope everyone ate to their hearts content, made awesome memories, suffered food comas with the fam and took advantage to hang out with those you love. It was fun looking at the black Friday deals, but I dont believe in giving up family time for the sake of retail craziness.

Hope everyone was safe and stuffed 🙂