San Fernando Roasted Chicken

Tucked away on a small corner just south of the Seattle Goodwill is this seemingly small restaurant cooking up batches and batches of Peruvian Chicken..

At the urging of our fearless leader, the GIS Team and I trekked out to this spot to check it out.. We were told that the chicken was amazing and the portions were very generous. I’m always up to try something new, so heeeey why not..

Ambiance: Its a good size shop that isn’t into fancy trimmings and extra fetter. Plenty of tables abound and seating wasn’t too hard to come by when we came in..

Staff: So-So. They saw us and quickly came by to check on us.. be sure to ask questions about anything and everything on the menu. We asked for a few more minutes and they came back in about 10.. Took our orders and we sat.. I should have timed it.. but I do feel like we waited for quite some time, which was odd considering there wasn’t anyone in the restaurant at the time. The server didn’t really come to check on us but we did see her peek her head out to see if we were still there… We eventually got our food and started to grub. We did have to ask our server to refill our waters quite a few times..

Selection:  Good selection of food! Lots to try and many of the homey-soul filling basics are there. Mmm those plantains..

Price: Fair. You do certainly get what you pay for.. With the price we paid, we all happily left with some leftovers. Though I will say that their “desserts” were a tad overpriced.. We thought they were made in house but when the server showed up with these prepackaged items we were slightly dumbfounded… Again – be sure to ask questions!

Overall: If I had a lazy lunch time I’d certainly go back.. The food had wondrous flavor and the portions were a good size.

Christmas day food comas :)

After all that food and shenanigans, we finally headed to bed 🙂

We woke up at almost noon and made our way back to Cafe Jolei to partake in the overabundance of sustenance.. Even the parentals made it over to eat too.. Ate food.. fought through a food coma and watched Hansel and Gretel. Oddly enough the movie was good for what it was.. I was expecting uber cheese, but it was good.. Good that I would get it on blu ray for the right price. 🙂

Took some goofy shots of us and the kids.. Silly Liam and lumbering Spencer. Owen must be huddled in there somewhere too haha..

Ugggggh.. SO not wanting to go back to work yet. I should have taken an extended vacation. Bah!

Happy thanks(taking)!

Time for FAT STATUS!

Happy Thanksgiving(taking) WordPress Fam! Hope everyone ate to their hearts content, made awesome memories, suffered food comas with the fam and took advantage to hang out with those you love. It was fun looking at the black Friday deals, but I dont believe in giving up family time for the sake of retail craziness.

Hope everyone was safe and stuffed 🙂










GIS Team Thanksgiving – Hawaiian Style

I guess by now, you guys have guessed that we love food.

We try to hold monthly potlucks with different themes so we can learn different dishes and share them with the group.

This year we decided against having more turkey and try something different. We went with hawaiian food.. Our boss made pork lau lau from scratch, while the rest of us brought mango salad, mac salad, Spam musubi, lumpia, rice, Haupia cake and blueberry mochi.. So much food, but oh so good!

We left some of the food we had for the next day to serve as more lunch.. Love our potlucks! If anyone cares for a recipe, just holler – i’d be willing to share! The blueberry mochi cake is always the easiest to make.. Not many ingredients, quick prep and just one hour in the oven. I’ve found some shortcuts that make it even easier to present so it eventually ends up looking like one huge moon cake 🙂

I do need to learn how to make some of that lau lau.. that was pretty tasty!

Let’s see.. I think the next potluck will be food from countries the US has occupied.. < – yeah thats how weird we get.. hahah!

It’s baking time!


Lots of food today! I felt the need to cook and use up food I had in my fridge, so I went and went on a baking frenzy.. First up, banana walnut chocolate chip muffins.

I took a homemade recipe I had for banana bread and tossed some nuts and chocolate in there to make it fun. Awesome for breakfast or a quick treat if you want something slightly sweet but still good for you..

Next I tried my hand at pumpkin chocolate chip muffins.. I had tried this muffin many years ago when a Sister of mine had baked them and offered them up at a meeting (thanks Lorraine!!). They were delectably soft and moist and then flavor of the pumpkin came through without being overbearing. I tried to replicate them but to no avail… The recipe was good but not the same as what I had.. At any rate it was a good test.. I will just try another recipe…

While I spent the time whipping up muffin batches, I also had the Barbacoa pork cooking away in the oven… You can see the pictures and my efforts of wrapping and getting this thing right. In the end, it came out tasty and plenty of tacos were to be had. I will certainly make it again, maybe even with a crock pot! I’ll post a recipe when I find the pictures I took of it.

Now its bedtime! Goodnight eWorld!!

Take 2 Barbacoa. Mali Thai dinner

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I love pork barbacoa salad. I hate having to always go to Chipotle to get it. Meh!

So rather than throw my money away on visiting the same restaurants, I decided to look up a recipe and try to make it myself. Endless supply of tasty pork barbacoa and another recipe to add to my repertoire of delicious nomtasticness.

I didn’t realize how much effort it really takes to make this dish from scratch.. Its not a “throw it all in a crock pot” and leave it alone recipe like the last one; there were plenty of steps involved and I am hoping the effort turns into something fruitful!

I bought all the ingredients at a Mexican market and it was awesome to see all the variety that they had. Usually I only go there to grab things for taco truck tacos but this was a first for me to pick up spices and dried peppers.  Once I got home, i got to work peeling, boiling and mashing peppers and spices together then working them through a sieve. Once I got every bit of the dark paste out of the sieve, I combined the meat with the paste and tried to work it around in a bowl.  I ended up throwing the meat in a ziploc bag and gave it a good smooshing; which was so much easier than trying it in the bowl.. (less messier too).

Now we wait. I’m set to try and put this all together tomorrow with some banana leaves, so I am uber excited!

Post kitchen experiment, seester and I jetted down to Mali Thai to have some din din with a mutual gf of ours.

Mmmmm foooooood.